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Or at least as close to them as I can get living in a smallish town. Following are a few of my favorite landscapes of the places where people live and work that I've taken over the last year or two. These are not all necessarily just pictures of buildings, but also pictures of people that I feel capture the essence of the place and time.

I started carrying my camera with me just about everywhere I go a couple of years ago, but I'm not always great about actually looking for and taking pictures wherever I go. It's something I am continuing to work on: keeping my eye open, staying curious, and actively looking for things I haven't seen before. Part of that process involves, for me, changing my focus sometimes to types of pictures I don't typically look for. Lately I've been enjoying taking more pictures of urban scenery, which has been a learning process, not the least because I don't live in the most urban environment in the US.

Typically I look for candid pictures of people, either alone or interacting with others. I've included a few of these here too because I think they capture the feel of where and when they were taken quite well. Thus they kind of fit in with the "cityscapes" theme.

Starting are some pictures from my hometown, Colorado Springs. I like to think of these as coming from a process of learning that you don't need to live in NYC to make compelling images from the urban scenery.

Speaking of NYC, I do have a few from a recent trip there! I could walk around all day here and take pictures. Everywhere you look there is something interesting to see, and the architecture is huge and often dramatic.

And finally, a few images from some random trips to places around the country.

Please contact me through my website or through one of the links below if you'd like to discuss having me shoot your wedding or event.

Stay curious and stay shooting!

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