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Dance Wonderland Showcase at The Pinery at the Hill

Updated: May 3, 2019

Dance Wonderland held the "It's a Great Night for Dinner and Dancing" dance showcase at The Pinery at the Hill in Colorado Springs a week ago. Dance Wonderland is a locally-owned professional dance studio specializing in ballroom dance, jazz, tap, and musical theater. The showcase was an opportunity for the students and instructors to show off all of their hard work and great choreography. The Pinery at the Hill is a gorgeous venue for formal events overlooking Colorado Springs, and was a perfect setting for the evening's festivities.

I ended up really liking how a lot of the pictures came out in color for this event. I think the lighting and colorful dresses helped, as well as the city lights shining through the windows at night.

To start, a few shots to establish the setting!

The Pinery at the Hill sign by the front door

Guests arriving at The Pinery

The reception venue and dance floor at The Pinery

Men's changing room detail at The Pinery

Couple dancing in front of windows, backlit

I arrived early to catch some of the guests socializing before the festivities began.

Guests chatting before dinner

Guest laughing, conversation

Kids hanging out before their showcase at The Pinery

Couple waiting in line for drinks

The emcee, Colin, was excellent.

Emcee rehearsing speeches before the event

Portrait of the emcee for the evening

Speeches with dinner at The Pinery

Emcee giving a speech in front of city lights

Child playing with the emcee during dinner

Dancers of all ages and experiences showed us some great moves and looked like they had a great time doing it.

Couple dancing a showcase at dusk

Married couple dancing a waltz

Kids showcase performance

Kids taking a bow after their showcase dance

Dancer held up by her partner

Dancers in a dip

Start of a showcase with motion in the dress

Adult group dance showcase

Energetic showcase dance action shot

Dancers exhausted on the floor after a showcase dance

The evening wrapped up with a couple of awards, a dance lesson, and social dancing.

Presenting awards after the showcase

Presenting door prizes after the showcase

Guests lined up for a dance lesson after dinner

Dancer framed during a lesson after dinner

Laughing on the dance floor during a lesson

Couple dancing and laughing

A beautiful evening for dinner and dancing indeed!

Colorado Springs skyline at night

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