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Fancy Pants Dinner Party

Updated: May 4, 2019

I attended the Fancy Pants Dinner Party hosted by Bonbon Bombardier and Blank Coffee and Food here in Colorado Springs last weekend. It was a great time with some awesome food made by local chefs, awesome drinks by local bartenders, and excellent company at the very cool Blank Coffee. The theme was basically really fancy versions of junk food. Things like pizza poppers and corn dogs, but gourmet. It was a lot of fun, and I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for the next popup by Bonbon Bombardier.

We arrived early and got a nice shot of the elegantly simple table settings and decor.

Elegant and simple table settings before guests arrive

Chef getting the desserts ready to bake. Gourmet berry pop-tarts!

Pastry chef from Bonbon Bombardier putting together the desserts from above

My girlfriend, sitting across the table from me.

Portrait of guest seated across the table

The menus had fun kids' games on the back!

Crayon connect-the-dots drawing on the back of the menu

Fries and a hazelnut and chocolate frosty!

Fries and a hazelnut milkshake

Bartender pouring the "Soju Think You Can Dance" drink.

Bartender preparing paired drinks for one of the courses

A guest enjoying the good food, drinks, and company.

Guest smiling across the table

Guests around the table.

Guests enjoying conversation at dinner

The chefs and bartender celebrating at the end of the night.

Chefs and kitchen staff laughing while they give an overview of the meal

One of the owners of Blank Coffee and Food, at the end of the night.

Venue owner during toasts

A friend at the end of the night.

Guest shouting to his friends after dinner

One of the talented chefs behind Bonbon Bombardier at the end of the night.

Chef from Bonbon Bombardier talking in the kitchen after dinner

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