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Haus Party!

Updated: May 4, 2019

Some friends of mine hosted a house party (dubbed the Haus Party) last weekend. It was a great way to get friends together with local musicians and poets to support the local art community and have some good drinks and fellowship. I brought my camera and got a few shots of the DJ, performers, hors d'oeuvres chef, and guests.

First up: DJ Sanza (IG: @sanzapyatt) having fun entertaining the crowd. He's a great DJ with some awesome music, and he gives amazing massages to boot!

DJ Sanza entertaining the crowd

DJ Sanza smiling

Sean from Bonbon Bombardier (IG: @bonbon_bombardier) provided hours d'oeuvres. He came down to give the crowd a rundown of the delicious food, with stylistic interpretation provided by Sipho.

Sean from Bonbon Bombardier describing the hors d'oeuvres

Host and chef giving an overview of the food

Speaking of Sipho (IG: @siphoig), he emceed and co-hosted the party. Here he is introducing one of the artists who performed.

The host introducing performers

Danny Leroy (IG: @dannyleroymusic) started the night off with some awesome folk music (I think that's the genre, I'm not an expert when it comes to music). He has a really smooth style that is worth checking out if you ever get the chance!

Folk performer singing and playing guitar

Wide shot of performer playing guitar and singing

Two of the guests enjoy and discussing the music.

Guests discussing the music as performer plays in the background

Next up was Jaz (IG: @jasminerunswithscissors), an awesome poet. She shared some really cool material with us. I didn't get as many pictures of her because there wasn't as much background noise to hide the sound of my shutter. She was really great!

Performer reading poetry on stage

Performer reading poetry on stage with audience in the background

Finally we heard Amby (IG: @ambymusic), who combines some really cool production, mixing, and vocals for a kind of R&B vibe. I honestly don't know how to describe her music, but I recommend checking it out. It's very unique and super cool!

Performer singing on stage

Performer laughing while talking with the audience

It was an all around great party with awesome performances and food! If you'd like me to shoot your event, click on Contact here or in the header and send me a message!

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