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Vacation to Long Lake

This summer, Amanda and I went to Long Lake, NY to see family. The lake is in the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. We wanted to bring our dogs, so we drove. It's about a 30 hour drive from Colorado, and we did it in two days on the road, stopping in Chicago to rest for a day between. We set off on a rainy day, packed into the car with the dogs comfy in the back and the roof loaded up, including a new shovel to help with some yard work at the lake.

We drove through foggy fields of windmills in eastern Colorado and Nebraska, rain in Iowa, and eventually made it to Chicago late that first night. We spent the next day relaxing with our dogs before setting out for day two of driving and our destination in New York.

I love this little vignette from the road because none of these video games are video games.

Finally in New York, we spent the week with family including my niece and nephew, who are the most photogenic kids I have ever seen! No bias here, just facts.

Of course, there was lots of time spent with dogs too. Between everybody visiting, we had five dogs! Amanda and my pups really enjoyed the water.

Overall it was a great trip with family and doggos. Almost the whole family made it at some point during the week that Amanda and I were there, and we were able to get the first full-family photo we've had in years.

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