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Nikki and Alex's beautiful Twin Lakes wedding

I recently shot a wedding with Karen V. Photography in beautiful Twin Lakes, Colorado. The couple had a small ceremony with close family and friends at sunset on the side of the lakes in Twin Lakes. It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony, and the couple was a lot of fun to shoot. They kind of flipped the typical wedding schedule, choosing to have a reception lunch during the day, then getting ready and heading to the lake for the ceremony.

Karen and I were invited to stay in one of the cabins the families had rented for the ceremony, so we drove up the night before. We went for a photo walk at night to try to get some shots of the brightly moonlit night. I got one or two of the sky that I liked, plus one of Karen lit by the moon that I was really happy with!

On to the celebration before the ceremony at a cabin in Leadville, CO! The couple and the families were all so close, it was really great hanging out and photographing them all.

On to the cabin where the groom and groomsmen were getting ready.

On to the ladies cabin. Karen got most of the pictures of them getting ready, so I don't have as many shots here.

I spied the bride through a window getting her makeup done.

The bride and her brother hugging.

The bride and her sister doing their mother's hair.

The bride walks out to see her parents after getting dressed.

And on to the ceremony at the side of the lake in Twin Lakes.

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