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Painting the house in quarantine

Amanda and I finally got productive during quarantine and painted most of the house. Honestly we've been pretty good about getting out and walking the dogs, riding our bikes a bit, cooking, keeping the house clean, but this is the first major home improvement project we've done since all this started, and I think the first major home improvement project we've done together at all. We also built a section of fence in the back yard where the dogs kept getting out. It was a busy weekend.

First, a couple of before pictures. I don't have a ton of these, but here are some pictures taken in the living room before we repainted, starting from when I was just moving in. I liked the color well enough, but it isn't a very large space and we wanted something brighter.

The bathroom hallway included this fairly loud wallpaper. These pictures are after we perforated it to help the wallpaper remover seep in to the glue so we could peel it off.

We hired a friend who does contracting work to come in and texture the walls. He did all of the texturing by hand, and got it all done in very little time for a reasonable price. If you're looking for a good contractor in the Springs area, hit me up and I'll send you his information.

Once the texture was dry, we painted. And painted. Mostly we painted the walls white with a couple of accent walls thrown in for good measure.

The dogs "helped" too. Until they fell asleep or found out that they don't like finger painting much...

Finally some shots of the living room as it starts to really come together.

We still need to finish up the walls in a couple of rooms, and then paint trim and doors. Plenty of work left, but it's coming together!

I'm having fun just shooting around the house and on walks, but I'd love to schedule some events for when we can all get out again. I specialize in candid, journalistic style wedding and event photography. Check out my galleries on here and contact me through my website or one of the links below if you'd like to talk about having me shoot your event!

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