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Photographing through the pandemic

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

We're stuck at home. We all are right now. It's the responsible thing to do to avoid spreading COVID-19, but sometimes it gets a little boring just sitting around the house. Amanda and I have been taking the dogs on walks and recently left the house to go to some local parks and parking lots to take pictures together while maintaining our social distancing. A few local businesses that we love are still open for carry out so we took the opportunity to patronize them as well, staying safely apart from other people and avoiding touching things.

We stopped off at a favorite coffee shop, Loyal Coffee, on our way to a park and took some pictures in their parking lot. It's pretty empty these days, so we had plenty of space against the old wall against which the cars park. The shop itself is empty of customers; an almost eerie change from the normal bustle on a Saturday.

We drove out to Stratton Open Space for some pictures among the rocks and grass. It was a beautiful, if somewhat chilly afternoon. Honestly, taking posed or planned pictures is not my forte. I tend to prefer sneaking around and capturing spontaneous moments between people as an unobserved observer. But Amanda is pretty cool, and we managed to get some good shots together despite my awkwardness both in front of the camera and behind it in this case.

We made a stop at another local favorite, Goat Patch Brewing Company, to fill a growler. They are (or were) still filling growlers and taking abundant precautions to keep everybody safe. They make great beer; I recommend checking them out if you can.

We staged a photo shoot at home with our dogs and our PJs. I think the first picture in particular just about captures my dog Mal perfectly.

We are not under a complete lockdown here in the Springs yet (thankfully), and have made a couple of trips to the grocery store over the past few weeks. It's not quite the apocalyptic picked over shelves that I've seen posted elsewhere, but things are noticeably sparser than usual. A bit ominous.

Honestly going to the grocery store has been the most stressful part of this whole thing for me personally so far. There are still a lot of people there, and a lot of items that other people have probably touched recently. It's a strange experience to be so aware of people around you, of what you've touched, and consciously trying not to touch your own face.

Gas station attendants are wiping down the pumps with disinfectant wipes after every use. I'm sure the pumps have never been so clean. Another ominous and unusual sight.

Finally, another local favorite, Switchback Coffee, was still filling to-go orders the last time we walked our dogs over there. We've been taking the dogs out for long walks most days lately. They love the time outside, and it gives us an opportunity to get out of the house and stay a bit more active than we'd otherwise be. This coffee shop isn't too far from my house, so I'll usually stop by for a decaf to go if they're open.

I know plenty of people's plans are getting uprooted and worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. I photograph weddings and events, and my schedule is currently in flux with a lot of things being reschedule. Take a look at my portfolio. If you'd like me to shoot your upcoming wedding or event (with lots of understood flexibility), contact me here or at one of the links at the bottom of the page.

Stay safe out there!

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