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Soler Christmas Party

Updated: May 4, 2019

I recently shot a Christmas party here in Colorado Springs. The family that hired me had also hired me to shoot some portraits and head shots earlier this year. The party was at their lovely home in the Springs, and the decorations, food, and Christmas spirit were on point. It was a great opportunity for which I am very grateful, and I think some of the images came out looking great. Bonus: they had the cutest darn puppy in the world!

While processing, I started experimenting with some new techniques to ensure that I get a more uniform look among my color and black and white images. I think I'm zeroing in on a look that I like and can hit consistently, and a look that I really like for color images.

Guest loving on adorable puppy at a Christmas party

Guest holding puppy in front of a Christmas tree

Host smiling before guests arrive

Son looking at father in the kitchen before guests arrive

Young man seated on a couch messing with the TV remote

Hostess smiling at the camera over her husband's shoulder

Portrait of hosts and their daughter before guests arrive

Sisters laughing in front of a Christmas tree

Elderly couple seated on the couch together

Young man looking at the camera like James Dean

Brothers taking coats as guests arrive

Man pouring a drink and looking at the camera

Man smiling at guests

Guests talking while seated

Mother and daughter smiling at the camera

Young couple seated on a couch and talking

Young couple smiling at the camera

Guest talking and gesticulating

Grandmother and grandson carving up a Christmas ham

Brothers and friend preparing food

Husband and wife kissing in front of Christmas tree

Guests seated and talking

Family portrait in front of a Christmas tree

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