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Windy Wedding in Barstow, CA

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I traveld to Barstow, CA earlier this summer with my girlfriend, her parents, and her sister and sister's boyfriend to attend a family friend's wedding. It was a great opportunity to visit a new town and get to know the people most important to my girlfriend better. I wasn't the photographer for the event so I focused more on the people whom I knew, but I got a few shots of the wedding as well.

We flew in and out of Las Vegas and drove to Barstow through the lovely (barren) Nevada desert. We arrived around sunset, which gave me the opportunity to get some nice silhouette shots of the airport and its surroundings.

Sunset at the Las Vegas airport

Sun setting behind a raised highway in Las Vegas

The view from the front of the hotel in Barstow was a rather lovely desert hillside. I actually saw a few dune buggies out there during our stay, which looked like a lot of fun. None are pictured here (I think).

Sunlit desert field in Barstow, CA

I mostly just got shots of us (including yours truly) as we explored a little before, and got ready for, the wedding ceremony.

Couple hanging out in a parking lot in Barstow, CA

Couple walking across a parking lot

Man smiling off to the side at a shopping center

Woman showing off her dress before the wedding

Family hanging out in the hotel before the wedding

Self portrait in the mirror before the wedding

Then it was on to the lovely home of groom's family for a beautiful ceremony in the windy desert heat, which quickly turned cold as the sun set.

Pastor walking outside to the wedding venue

Guest looking at his phone before the outdoor wedding

Cater checking the fridge behind the wedding venue

Couple smiling at each other in the outdoor wedding venue

Couple seated at the table before the wedding

Woman smiling off to the side after the ceremony

Groom and mother dancing

Guests in the yard at dusk

Guests eating at dusk in the outdoor venue

Couple taking a selfie at dusk in the outdoor wedding venue

Wedding party and guests dancing

Guests dancing

Couple leaving the reception surrounded by family, friends, and sparklers

Young boy helping clean up the yard after the wedding

We spent the following day in Vegas walking around the strip and trying new restaurants, and flew out the next morning. Overall, it was a great opportunity to spend some time with my girlfriend's family, and a chance for them to catch up with some old family friends. The wedding was lovely, the people I met were great, and setting was beautiful. What more could you ask for?

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